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How does Juguangheng fiber laser marking machine process in metal film?

Laser Marking Machine works well for laser micromachining of metal films. Nowadays, many new applications require the use of very thin metal films for laser processing, and require high precision and bright margins. In recent years, many new laser skills for poly-Guangheng laser micromachining have been proposed. These lasers have good form quality and aggregability. These two elements are important for achieving very small feature scales and very bright margins.

Although there are many different skills for processing metals, they all have some shortcomings, especially when compared with the poly-Guangheng laser. For example, you can use EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) to process metals with great utility, but this process has constraints on the small characteristic scale of the machining target. In addition, compared with lasers, the smaller the EDM, the more expensive and simpler the fault, and the frequent replacement increases the cost.

Desktop Separate Laser Marking Machine

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